“The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears” – Native American proverb

Pretty much the only cool weather photo I’ve ever taken

Why Weather?

Let me just start with this: MOTHER NATURE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT POLITICS. She does not care who the President of the United States is, who understands or misrepresents climate change, or where Mar-a-Lago is. She rages on now, since the Earth was created, and long after we are gone. We need people to understand her just as a psychologist would: seeing her mood change from day to day, knowing how to react when she threatens us, and understanding how she has changed over time. This understanding however is to be done without judgement.

I think that most people understand the importance of weather and how it affects humans and property each and every day. Weather not only plays a huge role in human health and activity, but also affects small businesses to economy at large. We are a nation that relies upon readily available infrastructure, shipping, and maintaining merchandise stock. Remember: prediction capabilities have come  a long way in a short amount of time. From advances in technology during war, the space age, and up to more recent advances in computing power, forecasts have become more reliable and skillful. It is astounding we are able to predict the future with any skill at all. 

A common question I receive is, “Gina, where could I get the most accurate forecasts?” Well, I would start with DO NOT look at AccuWeather’s 90-day forecast, and remain skeptic of any forecast 5 days out or more. Models that provide meteorologists with forecasts are based off of observations that are ingested into the model. Since we do not have observations of the future, forecasts are only as good as the current observations and the mathematics of the model. The links I’ve provided below are my go-to for day to day weather information. The NWS office that handles your area is always my first choice.

Wx Links:

NWS(National Weather Service) home / local forecast for local forecast, put zip code into left corner of page


Short-range NWS forecast map

UMD Weather Page University of Maryland student-run weather page. This page is awesome

UMD Model Site UMD model page with our own WRF runs

Weather Underground – good for archives

Tropical Weather / Models

Capital Weather Gang Capital Weather Gang weather write-ups and forecasts